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#From1Grain Podcast Episode 3!

Meg Kummerow - Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Episode 3 of the #From1Grain Podcast is now released! 

In this episode the group visit Lubbock and Sunray Tx.

Episode 3 of the #From1Grain Podcast is now released!  Read more...

Welcome to the #From1Grain Podcast!

Meg Kummerow - Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Welcome to the first episode of the #From1Grain podcast, brought to you by the Grains Research Foundation Limited. 

In the first series of this podcast we will be sharing the stories captured by our 2018 Globalising Growers US study tour participants as they travel and meet with various grains industry scientists and representative organisations. They will also be meeting with innovative and like-minded farmers along the way.

In our next series we will begin bridging the gap between Australian grain farmers and Australian Scientists. They will discuss what is being worked on and how it realtes back to the farm.

We hope you enjoy the first episode!