Research Advisory Committees - Overview

In 1992, the key sectors of the Queensland grain industry recognised the need for a more structured way for the grain industry to provide advice to research providers and funders on grain production priorities. This resulted in the formation of the Research Advisory Committees (‘RACs’). Four (4) RACs were formed representing the regions of Central Queensland, South East Queensland, Darling Downs and Western Downs Maranoa. The RACs as sub-committees and under the control of the Foundation have played a prominent role in shaping the ongoing grains research program in the Northern region. The RACs have now become sub-committees of GRFL.

A Charter of Operations was drawn up for the RACs. This Charter is reviewed on an ongoing basis to maintain the relevance and performance of the committees. The most recent review was conducted in June 2009.

Since 1995 annual funding has been provided by GRDC to employ a common coordinator for the 4 Queensland RACs.