Board of Directors

 The Board of Directors of the Grains Research Foundation Limited consists of four (4) grower directors and three (3) independent directors. 

In accordance with the constitution of GRFL each year by rotation one half of the grower directors shall retire but are eligible for reelection.

Brendan Taylor - Grower Director

Brendan Taylor is the manager of a multi generational family grain growing business from the Warra District on the Darling Downs in Queesland.  He is the current Chairman of the Agforce Grains Board, a director of Agforce Queensland and a student of the game of golf. 

Sean Ryan - Grower Director

James Ryder - Grower Director

Matthew Pattie - Grower Director

Professor Michael Bell - Independent Director

Professor Mike Bell holds a position of Chair in Tropical Agronomy at UQ Gatton Campus, jointly supported by QAAFI and the School of Agriculture and Food Science. He leads regional and national research programs in the fields of farming systems, crop nutrition and soil and land management in tropical and subtropical agricultural systems in Australia and SE Asia. This work includes developing strategies for improving Nitrogen Use Efficiency and reducing offsite N losses in the Australian sugar industry, improving fertilizer application strategies for phosphorus and potassium in the grains and cotton industries and improving the integration of legumes in cereal and sugarcane cropping systems. He has well developed networks with producers, agronomists and researchers in the broadacre cropping industries. 

Meg Kummerow - Independent Director, Secretary & Executive Officer

Meg Kummerow is based on a grain farm at Bongeen on the Darling Downs. Meg joined the GRFL board at the end of 2013 as an Independent Director & Executive Officer. Meg is is the Coordinator for the Australian Sunflower Association as well as one of their representatives on the Australian Summer Grains Conference Joint Venture Committee. Meg also has a business called Fly the Farm providing drones & guidance to Australian Agriculture.

Vacancy -

Independent Director